Think Top Producer® is Hard?  THINK AGAIN.

Harness the Power of Top Producer CRM Software.

Save time. Maximize efforts. Get Results.

Real Estate CRM Success Bootcamp

We work together for 7 weeks – you get the tools you need and your follow system is set, just plug and play. Fast, easy, automated.

Bootcamp not only shows you the easiest ways to use TPCRM the right way – right away, it puts the follow up plans in place for you.

Karen Pavich knows.

To take charge of your real estate business you need to be working a CRM system.

Top Producer® CRM software is your rocket ship to success.

Success is in the follow up – Everyone knows that.

But follow up and staying connected has to be fast and easy because you’re already busy.

That’s what you get with Real Estate CRM Success Bootcamp. Follow up fast and easy.

No guessing what to do or trying to figure it out by yourself.

Don’t know for sure what an effective CRM system should look like?
Karen does.

Wanna know the best part?
Karen has created Action Plans and Listing and Closing checklists. Follow up is personal  and every active Buyer and Seller feels like you’re working exclusively for them. We set up and activate those Action Plans and checklists for you in your database, and then Karen show you exactly how to manage your business using Top Producer CRM software so you never drop another lead again and you’re past clients who loved you on closing, love you forever.

So, the only real question is
Are you ready to reach the stars?