To create a steady stream of clients and revenue in your real estate business there is one thing you must have…

A strategic, easy to use CRM system where you automatically and consistently follow up with all leads, stay connected to past clients AND provide top notch professional service to your active buyers and sellers….ALL at the same time…no matter HOW BUSY YOU GET!


You find yourself staring at your calendar…again…at the date circled “Create Strategic CRM System” wondering what went wrong…

And you’re wondering what you’re going to do to generate revenue this month. Last month was crazy busy! Now…crickets. You had momentum three months ago. You were following up, converting leads, signing listings contracts, buyers were knocking on your door. But you got overwhelmed. You didn’t have a system to manage your tasks, to keep you on track, to keep you focused and now you’re back to square one, building again, starting to crank the wheel over to get get your business rolling…again.

You know what you want to create – the challenge is to figure out how to make it happen.

You’re tired of working so hard, because the constant influx of new business isn’t showing up; instead you’re constantly chasing down new business. You’re career and your revenue stream is up and down, up and down. You feel tired, frazzled, frustrated, overwhelmed because you’re working harder than even and the results aren’t showing up.

Every REALTOR® starts out winging it.  There is no playbook handed out with when you get your real estate license.

The REALTOR® that makes it to 6 and 7 figures moves past this phase quickly by working on their business using a CRM system – period.

Real Estate CRM Success

As a REALTOR® the only way to grow your business is to be consistent, create and maintain personal relationships and provide top notch professional service to clients.

Each one of your clients’ and prospects’ need to feel like you work exclusively for them – and it has to be done WHILE you are building your business, and living your life.

The challenge is…

  • You know what you need to do.

  • You know how to provide top notch service.

  • The biggest factor in the success of your business is coming up with a workable plan.

Many REALTORS® get stuck in the set up cycle. How do you create results driven systems that are  easy to manage? What does a strategic CRM system even look like? And what about the learning curve? Being confident it’s set up right?

You start working on it, what you want to create, learning how to use it, but you end up starting and stopping… because you don’t feel like you have time, you have to figure out how to make money right now!


You went into real estate to create an amazing life – to build a database of amazing clients, to create a sustainable revenue source without a ceiling on your success. You may have even had a bigger vision of creating a scalable, salable book of business for your retirement dreams.

You’ve seen others do it.

You know you have the integrity and professionalism needed to be in the Top 1% of Agent’s who make 90% of the money!


Problem #1

You’re working harder than you ever have and you aren’t making enough money.  You’ve accidentally created another job for yourself instead of a profitable, scalable business.

Problem #2

You feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. You start one thing, get overwhelmed, stop, and start again.  You see other people building a book of business and you don’t understand why you can’t get things done.

Problem #3

You never have time to work on the big stuff that moves your business forward.

Here’s what I know…..

Your vision can be great….

Your service can be exemplary…

Buyers and Sellers are out there that would love to work with you…

But if you don’t have a repeatable system for staying connected to past clients and new leads, if you don’t know how to break your vision and ideas down into doable strategies and bite-size tasks, it’s nearly impossible to break out of the feast and famine cycle of a struggling REALTOR®.


Not having a plan doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard.

Feeling scattered, uncertain, or overwhelmed is normal when you are flying by the seat of your pants.

For your business to grow you need a SYSTEM to get things done –

no matter how busy you get! 

Feeling anxious about your real estate business?

Anxiety stems from NOT having a concrete plan.

If you are in the first years of your real estate career and you don’t know where to start…

If you’re a seasoned REALTOR® who’s never had the time to create and finally put that plan in place, to get off the roller coaster ride of feast or famine sales…

 Or, if you’ve been struggling for what seems like forever and you are ready to throw in the towel, or you absolutely have to get something in place to make money consistently, without limits…








No matter where you are in your real estate career…

I’ve created this program for you. 

It works because this is a system for HOW to make things happen. And, it will work no matter WHAT the market conditions are doing or how busy you get.


You have an idea for what you want your real estate business and life to look like.
Here’s how to make it happen:

INTRODUCING: Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP – Your Step-by-Step System to Create, Launch and Easily Manage Your Real Estate Business.

A virtual, online training experience that will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to plan and execute your real estate business. Learn how to constantly create and convert a steady influx of new leads, while generating a stream of unlimited revenue in your business.

I provide you with easy to follow step-by-step weekly training webinars, downloadable worksheets, resource tool recommendations, plus follow up plans, AND listing and closing checklists that I input directly into your database. (and that you can begin using right away).

You will walk away with the tactical know-how and confidence to implement the marketing tools and strategies that I give to you. You will finally be on the road to systematically manage and grow your business, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out ever again. PLUS have peace of mind knowing your system for success was created by a Certified Instructor/Consultant and Expert on Top Producer CRM software.

It is much easier to grow a six-figure real estate business with a plan – and it is essential if you want to get to seven-figures.

In Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP, I’ll show you the “behind the scenes” of what an easy to use, effective CRM system looks like, how to create automated follow up plans (I give you key plans and checklists), send personalized, targeted mass email in less than a minute, manage unlimited listing and closing files and serve your clients with top notch professional service so they remember and refer you.

Your Real Estate CRM Success Experience Includes:

Each part of the Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP virtual, online training experience is designed to equip you to manage and build your real estate business and to create a scalable, saleable book of business.

Realize the freedom and profits you’ve always imagined.

How The Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP Experience Works:

Your pre-planning begins when you register. 

When you register you will receive instant access to the Marketing Strategy Workbook. This gives you a place to reflect on the past year and start thinking big thoughts about your plans for the next 12 months.

You also receive access to the course portal and each week, for 7 weeks you’ll receive a new bite size training module, guiding you step by step through everything including:


  • Setting up the key pieces in the backend of your system.
  • Creating a strong database by understanding key information to include in a client profile.
  • How and what is needed to ensure efficient and effective long term target marketing.
  • Create personalized, targeted mass email in less than a minute.
  • Working your business on the go. Tying your mobile device to your business.
  • Keep your messages consistent and on point. Create then re-cycle email templates.
  • One click follow up plans. Set in motion drip campaigns and learn how to easily manage them in less than 2 minutes a day.
  • Develop Listing and Closing Checklists (from contract to completion), so nothing gets missed or forgotten.
  • Managing your team.  Everyone working in your CRM system the right way – right away.

You’ll have everything you need to refocus and finish out the year strong.


Additional tips and strategies will be emailed to you weekly


Downloadable tools, worksheets and resource guides are available…

so you can apply what you’ve learned, create your plan and build your team.

The 20-Minute Challenge

So many of you told me that you need help with “accountability.”

I believe lack of accountability is really lack of focus in disguise. 

To help, I’ve created a fun “20-Minute Challenge.”

Each week I’ll be monitoring your progress (Yes, I can and do log in and watch where you at!) Each week everyone who completes the steps in that week’s virtual training will be entered to win a free one-hour one-on-one consulting sessions with me ($200 value), where we work on anything and everything to do with your business. I can even go in to your database and spend part of the hour analyzing where you’re at and give you feedback on what you need to do to ensure you are set up for success.

Take the 20 Minute Challenge

Why the 20-Minute Challenge Works

“The 20-Minute Challenge for me was the key to my success. Because of this challenge, I finished my steps each week and won a free hour with Karen, which was priceless!

Thanks so much for this carrot to continue – it motivated me to stick with it and find those 20-minutes each day. Now I am set up to achieve my goals!”

“I’ve been trying to create my marketing plan and business strategies for two years. With Karen’s help I am proud to say in less than two months I was set up and operational. My day is focused and without stress, I am building my business and income and I am finally living the life of my dreams.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No questions asked! Just send us an email within 30 days.

We are in the business of creating experiences that  create results.  If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and potential impact Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP will have on your business, we will refund your tuition fee 100 percent within the first 30 days.

Think about what your calendar and daily task reminders look like right now.

Is your calendar is void of  structured marketing strategies for the next year? Do you have sticky notes all over your desk, multiple notebooks and pieces of paper scattered all over your office?

Join me in Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP and together we will work to set up your calendar, to ensure you achieve your biggest goals. By developing a system you will stay connected to your clients, while quickly and easily implementing strategic marketing campaigns throughout the year. Your follow up will be clearly broken down into detailed tasks, so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing every day. In no time you’ll have the time and space to create the business (and life) you imagined!

What would your business and life look like if you were able to get up every morning, take a quick glance at your calendar, and know EXACTLY what you needed to do that day to move your business forward?

How would your life change if you continued to follow up on ALL leads – FOREVER?

 Real Estate CRM Success BOOTCAMP will give you the tools to attract and convert leads, and provide top notch professional service your amazing clients… all at the same time – with no limits to the amount of business you can handle.

Choose the course option below based on the amount of personal support you would like in creating your plan

The VIP option includes 2-Hours of one-on-one personal strategic planning and consultation time with me!