Hi, I’m Karen

I understand how you can get overwhelmed. You’ve got a lot to do.

You need a “Turn Key” strategic easy to use CRM system.

I give that to you.


Let me share my 22 years of experience with you.

As a Realtor I saw the challenges you face….

How do you continue to prospect while keeping focused on your active clients, you know, the business that’s gonna put food on the table and pay your bills at the end of the month.

It’s a pattern I see all the time.

You follow up with every lead and stay connected to past clients, your business builds momentum, you start to get busier and busier woohoo! But you get overwhelmed. It’s too much to handle “make the phone stop ringing!” So you stop following up, you stop staying connected, you focus on the business you’ve created. It’s all great until your listings sell, and you’re buyer’s buy.

Only now there’s no new business on the horizon.  Why? Because you haven’t been nurturing leads and staying connected. So you start again to diligently following up with every lead, maybe reach out and re-connect to past clients, and it takes awhile but your business begins to grow again, and again being overwhelmed rears its ugly head so you stop following up, stop staying connected and you focus on the business you’ve created. This pattern has been going on and on for you and your exhausted.

You’re in this seemingly never-ending cycle of feast or famine real estate success.

Here’s what I know.

You need to be mining for leads and nurturing new potential business sources all the time.  But you also have to stay focused on active Buyers and Sellers. When you get busy, finding time to successfully do both is challenging if not darn near impossible.  That is if you want to sleep or have any type of quality personal life.

You get overwhelmed, you’re stressed out and so you drop stuff.  So what’s the solution?

The solution is a CRM system.

Now the purpose of a CRM program is to support you. It should do the heavy lifting of follow up and staying connected, so you can stay focused on today’s business, your active clients.  But maybe your not even sure what that looks like?

When used effectively, Top Producer® CRM remembers and reminds you of everything and mass follow up campaigns are completed in minutes.

You get more done, stay focused on money-making tasks, and have more free time to enjoy your life.

You should not be working hard on your CRM program – it should be working for you.

I know how to make that happen.  My job is to get you there.

My Goal is Your Success.

About Karen.

Karen brings a wealth of practical experience and insight into using the features of Top Producer ® CRM.

She was a successful REALTOR® for 5 years and she spent ten years as the Executive Assistant to an Award winning, top producing Broker/REALTOR®. Karen figured out how to create systems and strategies to handle unlimited leads and connects to past clients in Top Producer ® CRM software.

Other Agents began asking Karen to help them set up and use Top Producer CRM software.

So Karen decided to become a Certified Top Producer Instructor in 1998. Karen received the information package only 3 days before the course began. At the time she was worried because back then, it was a three day course to become a Certified Instructor (now it’s a 112 question, multiple choice, open book test). She was she wouldn’t have enough time to study.

But she needn’t have worried because by the beginning of the second day, the Instructor of the course, Kim Spencer, asked Karen to help him teach the others.  He said, I know how this program works – but Karen knows how to work this program!  Karen’s years of hands on experience, using the program in the fast paced, real world of real estate made her top of her class.

Since then, Karen has focused exclusively on helping REALTORS® and their support staff, understand and implement Top Producer ® CRM software so they get results.  Fast. easy. effective.

What began as helping Realtors locally has expanded through online technology to helping REALTORS® all over North America.

“Nothing makes me happier than watching the transition from frustration to excitement in my clients when they see how powerful Top Producer is and how it truly will build their business and return sanity to their lives.”

~Karen Pavich

Karen has been actively using Top Producer® CRM software for over 22 years and has been a recognized expert and Certified Instructor/Consultant/Reseller since 1998.  She is one of the very few people to ever receive and maintain all three distinct Certifications on Top Producer® CRM software.



I love watching you win!